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Introducing GOCare, an Automated Subscriber Management system, proven to improve the life-cycle of your subscribers. GOCare improves the customer experience with self-help, proactive communications, mobile interaction, and AI-type “learning” capabilities historically available only to the largest operators. GOCare‘s Automated Subscriber Management capabilities are taking the broadband industry by storm…

Mobile Customer Experience

GOCare is a cloud-based decision engine proactively communicating with your subscribers how and when they choose. GOCare is a sure thing because we rely on our mobile devices more now than ever. Improve your customers’ experience… and your profits.

What our clients are saying….

"GOCare has delivered unmatched operational gains through the reduction in call volume, truck rolls, and collections costs"

– Rick Oldenburg, System Manager, Anne Arundel Broadband

"In addition to the proactive notifications our subscribers receive, GOCare enables mobile subscriber inquiries on billing, payments, appointments, WiFi hotspots and more"

– Tom Williams, VP-Engineering and Technology, Schurz Communications

"Vast Broadband has made substantial use of GOCare’s capabilities...the flexibility to customize GOCare to Vast’s needs has been the real differentiator"

– Larry Eby, Vast Broadband

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Broadstripe Case Study

Get an in-depth look at how GOCare enabled Broadstripe to reduce call volumes and customer churn month over month.

A Tale of Two Clients

See how GOCare Outage Management Declarations help reduce call volumes during outages.

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