The NuTEQ team is constantly researching and identifying the most applicable technology solutions - technology beyond the economic reach of many smaller operators. Then we adapt and seamlessly deploy those telecom products where they can be most beneficial for you and your customers.

How NuTEQ gives you the competitive edge.

NuTEQ provides cost-effective SaaS solutions built on customized applications of tier-one technology, like integrated mobile communications, data-driven automation, and constant innovation. As a result, our clients:

  • Realize improved margins as a result of lower call volumes, fewer truck rolls and faster collections
  • Enhance the customer experience by communicating with customers in a manner of their choosing
  • Drive revenue with cost-effected, targeted marketing
  • Capture actionable feedback from customers about recent experiences, products, pricing and more
  • Gain differentiation in a competitive, price-conscious industry
  • Expand their product offerings

Improve your customers' experience... and your profits.

The NuTEQ suite of cloud-based SaaS solutions is specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients as they look to grow in an increasingly competitive environment.

"It is my pleasure to recognize NuTEQ Solutions with a Cable Spotlight Product of the Year Award for its contribution to the advancement of cable technology solutions. I look forward to seeing more innovation from NuTEQ in the coming year."

- Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC