The NuTEQ leadership team:

Experience. Insight. Opportunity.

It takes more than innovative technology to give you a real competitive edge. The experienced leadership team at NuTEQ bring it all together by focusing on constant innovation and the application of technology to meet the evolving needs of customers.

To see how our experience translates into better customer experience and business solutions for you, contact NuTEQ today.

Mike Roddy

Chief Executive Officer

Mike has an impressive track record of executive success with such well-known industry leaders as Ardacom, RCN, Knology, Everest, TDS TELECOM, Fidelity Investments, and Contel. His knowledge and perspective of how large companies operate make him a valuable resource on a tremendous range of new telecom solutions.

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Rick Perkins

Chief Technology Officer

Rick’s technical achievements in the cable/telecom industry have earned him a reputation as an accomplished solutions architect and systems innovator. Throughout his career – with organizations such as Knology and Perot Systems – Rick has consistently shown exceptional ability to identify, adapt and deploy the latest technology to benefit his clients.

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"GOCare is a real differentiator for enTouch. In our increasingly competitive industry, customers demand new communications channels and an 'easy-to-do-business-with' mindset. GOCare enables a real-time communication method in a format customers prefer. It has driven improvements in our billing, operations and marketing processes as well as made it easier for our customers to communicate with us. NuTEQ's attention to detail ensured an accurate, timely implementation minimizing distractions to enTouch employees."

- Danny White, Director - Product Management, enTouch Systems, Inc