Mobilize the Customer Experience with GOCare™

Reduce call center operating volume and communicate with customers in a manner they prefer - texting.

GOCare™ wins the CIO Review Magazine Top 20 award

CIO Magazine Utilities Technology Solutions Provider

GOCare™ is a two-way (interactive) SMS platform specifically developed for the broadband and utility industries to improve the customer experience. GOCare™ is fully integrated with your back-office systems and delivers critical account information (proactively and on-demand), anytime, anywhere!.

RESULT:  Lower costs & happier customers. See specific examples below:

Reduce Unnecessary Truck Rolls

GOCare™ allows customers to CONFIRM or CHANGE scheduled appointments. Customers can also be provided estimated technician arrival times and be notified of unanticipated delays, and more.

RESULT:  greater than 90% reduction in missed appointment truck rolls at GOCare™ clients.

Reduce Call Center Volumes

Our interactive texting capability between customers’ mobile devices and your back-office systems enables delivery of important account updates including bill statements, balance due & due date, payment verification, outage notifications, and more.

RESULT:  70% of GOCare™ customers DO NOT call the call center.

GOCare™ frees up your call center personnel to focus on revenue generation and more pressing customer service issues. GOCare™ customers are over 25% LESS LIKELY to call the call center than non-GOCare™ customers. The busier your call center, the LESS LIKELY a GOCare™ customer will call - like during outages and after billcycles, etc...  Each GOCare™ customer represents between 1/2​ and 3/4​ of a call saved MONTHLY.

Late Pay Customers

Customers missing payment dates is inevitable. Routinely, 15% of the industry enters late payment status. GOCare™ communicates this status to your customers quickly and cost-effectively.

RESULT:  GOCare™ customers pay 20% - 50% faster than non-GOCare™ customers when in late pay status. Faster collections, fewer collection calls and letters, and fewer disconnects. Higher revenues and lower costs is a dramatic improvement for this segment of your customer base.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Everyone surveys their customers – BUT, what happens to the information? Is it just data or is it “actionable”? GOCare™ captures real-time ‘transactional’ feedback from your subscribers on any interaction (service or install, business office visit, phone call, etc.) GOCare™’s sophisticated polling capabilities coupled with ‘notification’ alerts key personnel, in real-time, to subscriber concerns – technician is late, services not repaired, no training on new equipment, etc. – so you can remedy the problem now.

RESULT:  Happier customers, fewer truck rolls, lower costs.

Drive Incremental Revenues

GOCare™ provides targeted promotional programs (VOD/PPV buys, video and high-speed data upgrades) to your customers faster and more cost-effectively than other media.

We provide our customers with a turnkey marketing plan & collateral like the following cross channel spot:

Meet Molly, NuTEQ's spokesperson against distracted driving. See this important Public Service Announcement below. Molly's story is available at

Your Customers Spoke. We Listened.

GOCare™ is a sure thing because everybody texts, across all age groups and geographics. According to a recent customer research study*:

90% of respondents across all age groups indicated they send and receive texts daily.

58% of survey respondents liked the idea of text-based customer service.

65% of broadband customer respondents were likely to opt in to a text-based communication service.

59% of those surveyed agreed that GOCare™ would reduce the number of calls they make to a customer service center.

It's clearly a win-win.

Another attractive feature of GOCare™ is our success-based pricing system, which puts your goals first. When your key performance measures are met, ours are too. GOCare™ will undoubtedly:

  • Reduce customer call center volume
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Reduce unnecessary truck rolls.

So your investment is recovered virtually instantly. For more details on how GOCare™ can improve your competitive position and your profits, contact NuTEQ today.

"The NuTEQ team has created something truly unique in GOCare. GOCare enables the 'what I want, when I want it' consumer within a friendly, convenient service offering by utilizing every aspect of the mGage Communicate Pro platform. Competition (and consumer demand) dictates that service providers incorporate a mobile aspect into their customers' experience. GOCare mobilizes the customer experience for you."

- Harvey Scholl, COO, mGage